Watch Joanna Newsom Perform, Talk About Whether She’s Like An Elf On Seth Meyers

Joanna Newsom has never exactly embraced the trappings of celebrity, but since she released last year’s Divers, she’s been a little more open to the idea of doing traditional media. She’s appeared on Jools Holland, on Larry King, and on Stephen Colbert, and that’s been great, since her performances make for absolutely stunning television and because she’s a total charming personality. Last night may have been the best of her late-night appearances. She sat down with Seth Meyers, her husband Andy Samberg’s old Saturday Night Live castmate, and it’s clear that they already know each other well enough to have inside jokes. She talked about meeting Samberg, about trying to get cast in The Hobbit, and about the common perception that her music is somehow elflike. And then she sat down to perform a devastating solo rendition of the Divers song “A Pin-Light Bent.” Both the interview and the performance are well worth your time, and you can watch them both below.

Divers is out now on Drag City.