Stanley Donwood Says Radiohead’s New Album Isn’t Finished Yet, Is “A Work Of Art”

Radiohead are playing a bunch of summer festivals including Primavera and Lollapalooza plus a massively anticipated world tour, all ostensibly in support of their first album since 2011’s The King Of Limbs. But as of now, that new album isn’t finished. So says longtime art director Stanley Donwood, who has done the cover art for every Radiohead album since 1995’s The Bends. Donwood tells DIY that he’s heard the upcoming album, and “it’s a work of art,” but it’s not done yet. Nor is Donwood’s cover art completed. He adds that his favorite collaboration with the band is “the one that no-one’s seen yet. It was made by the strong warm winds of southern France.”

So: Radiohead have been working on this album forever, and the machinery is obviously in motion for it to drop before summer. Are we about to see a The Life Of Pablo situation, with Thom Yorke publicly naming and renaming the album and inviting Flying Lotus, Björk, Caribou, Four Tet, etc. into the studio for a weeks-long recording marathon/creative party only to finish just before deadline and then keep tinkering with the recordings after they’re already released? Probably not. Anyway, just release the damn album, guys.

UPDATE: CoS points out that Radiohead have created another new company. After forming Dawn Chorus LLP last October, in February they founded Dawnchoruss LTD, which again lists all five band members as officers. The “current accounting period” for the first company has been shortened to end on 3/31/16.