Stream Tacocat Lost Time

Seattle punk four-piece Tacocat were ahead of their time eight years ago when they chose a moniker combining two things that would blow up on the internet. That’s just a minor observation but it’s indicative of the progressive thinking and songwriting the band laces into shoegazing awesomeness. They’re a feminist punk band, but they’re also humanist. I agree with this sentiment because I feel if you see someone dealing with the same shitty feelings as you are, even when resulting from a different system of oppression and discrimination, it’s narrow minded and ultimately detrimental to your struggle to ignore theirs. So in addition to the obvious and unapologetic feminism on Lost Time, there is a relatability that resonates and elevates it to something much bigger than this specific body of work at this moment in time.

It also helps that the songs are excellent. The sarcasm and loathing is palpable on the blistering fuzz of “I Hate The Weekend.” The anti-mansplaining anthem “Men Explain Things To Me” is straightforward, but not heavy-handed, and the understated humor has the bite necessary to get the point across. The freedom of the deadpan storytelling on “Plan A, Plan B” asserts an agency in hookups that is refreshing and reiterated on the refrain “take me to your house, throw me on your couch, I want to turn you out.” There’s a lot of challenging stuff packed into quickly paced, short explorations (with most of the album’s 12 songs clocking in at just over two minutes long), but too infectious not to engage. Stream Lost Time in its entirety below.

Lost Time is out 4/1 on Hardly Art. Pre-order it here.

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