Kanye West’s “Famous” Now On Spotify, Apple Music

When Kanye West released his new album The Life Of Pablo last month, he made a big point of announcing that it would never be on Apple Music and never be for sale. Instead, it would exist in perpetuity as a Tidal exclusive, and it would change according to his whims. He’s held strong to that pledge, with one new caveat: One song, the Nina Simone/Sister Nancy-sampling, Taylor Swift-angering Rihanna collab “Famous,” which you can now stream on Spotify or Apple Music. Apparently, that song is now going to be the album’s first single, if an album like this can even be said to have a single. Hopefully, that means we’ll get a video. Either way, indefensible Taylor line aside, it’s an incredible piece of music. If you somehow haven’t heard it until now, the Spotify stream is below.

As ever, you can hear all of The Life Of Pablo at Tidal.