GFOTY is the black sheep of PC Music. She acts as the caustic counterpart to the rest of the collective’s glossy, pristine aesthetic, and her bold direction has resulted in some of the most memorable sounds to come out of the UK label. Think the minute-long adrenaline burst of “My Song,” or her consistently entertaining Dog Food mixes with Spinee. Her next project is the VIPOTY EP, the second short-form release from PC Music after Danny L Harle’s Broken Flowers EP since they announced their partnership with Columbia Records. It’s an ambitious concept EP that comes with its own website, short film, and (eventually, supposedly) an app. The storyline, which is set up in the video below, involves a dreamy boy named Chad and a violent love rivalry between two lookalikes, GFOTY and a girl named Polly (based off the real person behind GFOTY, Polly-Louisa Salmon). The songs on the EP are all tangentially connected to this plot, from the borderline Broadway parody “Got My Chad” to “Amazing” and “Poison,” two tracks that hew closest to the noisy and bratty GFOTY we’ve gotten to know over the years. “All The Love I Had” sees GFOTY abandoning her abrasiveness altogether in favor of a lovesick ballad. Listen to the entire EP and watch the accompanying short film below.

The VIPOTY EP is out now via PC Music.