Tidal Now Making Good On Attempted The Life Of Pablo Downloads

The living, breathing document that is The Life Of Pablo is very much like a Google Doc which you frustratingly watch someone update in real time because you don’t have the proper permissions to edit it or download it yourself. Well, you’ll never be able to officially adjust TLOP, but Tidal has at least made it available for download — of course, only if you have a Tidal subscription and you tried to download it during the brief period when it was initially available. A Tidal spokesperson told Pitchfork, “The latest version of The Life Of Pablo is now being delivered to the individuals that purchased it originally, as well as to those who in some cases did not receive a download link at the time of the album’s release. Customers that received a refund will also receive a download link as a courtesy from Tidal.com.”

It doesn’t matter much since the album has been pirated like crazy, and you can surely get your hands on the latest version of “Wolves” and “Ultralight Prayer,” the extended version of Kirk Franklin’s prayer from “Ultralight Beam,” if you care about having the album in most recent completed form every time it’s updated. But if you’ve checked out like me, it’s still pretty entertaining to watch the drama unfold from the sidelines.

Tags: Kanye West, Tidal