Vince Neil Fights Nicolas Cage At A Vegas Hotel

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Mötley Crüe bid adieu with drum rollercoaster mishap

When Mötley Crüe’s farewell show on New Year’s Eve was marred by a malfunctioning drum rollercoaster, that was embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as getting into a brawl with Nicolas Cage in which Cage comes out looking like the voice of reason. TMZ reports that Crüe singer Vince Neil had a significant physical altercation with Cage on Thursday afternoon at Aria Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Allegedly, Neil and Cage were together inside when a woman approached Cage for an autograph. Neil allegedly snuck up from behind, grabbed her hair, and pulled her to the ground, at which point Cage jumped in to defend the woman and a fight between the two men ensued. Watch footage of the end of the conflict below.

In the video, Cage seems to be yelling at Neil, imploring him to calm down. Police reportedly cited Neil for battery but did not bring him to the station.

UPDATE: ABC reports that police issued Neil a misdemeanor battery summons and he’s expected in court on 6/17.

UPDATE 2: TMZ reports that Neil has been charged with misdemeanor battery for attacking the autograph-seeker and faces a maximum of six months in prison.