Johnny Marr Announces Autobiography Set The Boy Free

Back in 2013, Morrissey published his autobiography, helpfully titled Autobiography. As rock memoirs go, it’s a beautifully written, compulsively readable affair, and it includes plenty of bad feelings about the man’s former associates. And now, Morrissey’s most prominent ex-bandmate will also get to say a few things. Smiths guitar genius Johnny Marr has just announced that he’ll publish Set The Boy Free, his own memoir. On his website, Marr says this about the book:

I wanted to convey a feeling of breaking free, that has been a constant throughout my life. A feeling that expresses itself as both escape and discovery. Transcendence. I found it through rock ‘n’ roll and art and a journey living both in the modern world.

Set The Boy Free is coming 11/3.