The Raveonettes – “Junko Ozawa”

Danish duo the Raveonettes continue their song-a-month march to the release of their next album. The drug-pop purveyors have already shared “This World Is Empty (Without You),” “Run Mascara Run,” and “EXCUSES,” and a fourth track emerges today.

The April installment is “Junko Ozawa,” named after the prolific Japanese composer and sound designer behind classic soundtracks to Namco arcade games like Pac-Mania, The Tower Of Druaga, and The Return Of Ishtar. Ozawo later adapted her sound for 8-bit consoles like the Nintendo NES and Sega Genesis, and anyone who has ever used 8-bit sounds in any type of production owes her some homage. The Raveonettes have honored Ozawa’s legacy with a blistering, synth-soaked tribute. Synth progressions, slapping drums, and vintage arcade sounds sampled from Ozawa’s work combine for a pure burst of highly danceable energy to rage to. Check it out.

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