Watch Kendrick Lamar’s Spoken-Word-Heavy Reebok Commercial

I wonder if the marketing execs at Reebok are constantly high-fiving each other over landing Kendrick Lamar as a spokesperson — if it’s like how Under Armor, instead of Nike, snagged the Steph Curry endorsement. The Kendrick/Reebok partnership has been going on for a while now, and now we’ve got a new Reebok commercial with Kendrick in it. Like the one he released last year, this one has Kendrick doing vague and motivational spoken word. Unlike that one, this one doesn’t have Kendrick implying that there is some sort of political rebellion involved in wearing Reeboks. This time, Kendrick is alone, stalking through a grand and empty mansion. Frequent Kendrick collaborator Colin Tilley, who’s done most of Kendrick’s great recent videos, is the director. Check it out below.

It would be pretty cool if Kendrick would rap in one of these commercials sometime.