Mumblr – “VHS”

Philadelphia punks Mumblr are releasing their new album, The Never Ending Get Down, next month. They’ve already shared two singles from it — “Microwave” and “Three Leg Dog” — and the third, “VHS,” is another gritty, controlled unraveling. Nick Morrison sings in short, considered, and to-the-point bursts: “Stop! You’re close enough to see my camera” and “‘Cause I don’t wanna be with you,” phrases that repeat and get tangled up in each other, building up an atmosphere of anxiety and frustration. “The lyrics don’t ever really complete a linear thought,” Morrison says of his writing process for the album as a whole. “There’s no narrative and no real reason. They sort of just exist. So you can apply your own meanings and interpret them as you wish.” Listen below.

Here’s a video for the album’s second single, “Three Leg Dog”:

The Never Ending Get Down is out 6/10 via Fleeting Youth Records. Pre-order it here.

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