Mumblr – “Microwave” (Stereogum Premiere)

Mumblr’s 2014 debut album Full Of Snakes was made up of songs that were outwardly brash and often very goofy, but deeply introspective and reflective. The Philadelphia rockers are following up that record later this year with their second full-length, The Never-Ending Get Down, and lead single “Microwave” is a nervy, energetic continuation of that style. The band gets that life’s one big cosmic joke, and any hopes of upward mobility are crushed by reality. Lead singer Nick Morrison explains:

When I was a kid my dad worked the night shift at the animal cracker factory. My mom went to work in the morning and woke me up for kindergarten. I stayed at home by myself until my dad returned from his shift to put me on the bus before he went to sleep. He couldn’t cook so I always had a microwaved lunch everyday before school. Bagel Bites, microwaved pizza, etc. A lot of bread and cheese.

This song is about biology vs circumstance. It’s about not being able to escape the reality that your parents and your environment make for you. It’s about coming to terms with that reality and giving it a big middle finger. But is that middle finger pointed at them or yourself?

Listen below.

The Never Ending Get Down is out soon via Fleeting Youth Records. Pre-order it here.

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