School ’94 – “Bound” (Stereogum Premiere)

School ’94 taps into their hard rock side on “Bound,” the title track from their upcoming new EP. The Gothenburg, Sweden-based band runs in the same circle as Makthaverskan, Westkust, and Agent blå, and shares their ability to pair melodic acrobatics with stormy churn. “Bound” is about “a psycho love affair,” as singer Alice Botéus explains it, and her voice sounds tied down and commanding as she tries to navigate what she needs and what she wants: “Bound to be, bound to be where you are/ So I beg and plead never to let go/ Cus in your eyes I see my reflection, and I look so happy,” though it’s never entirely clear whether that last part is reality or just a dream. Listen below.

The Bound EP is out 6/8 via Luxury. Pre-order it here.

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