IAN SWEET – “Slime Time Live”

Back in 2014 while in Boston, Jilian Medford put out a fantastic tape under the name IAN that included highlights like the devastatingly catchy “If You’re Cryin” and the burnt-out, sprawling “Born Good.” The fuzzy full-band collection came on the heels of a year of sporadically released bedroom recordings, and the road to a full-length took double that time. Now, two years after their self-titled tape’s release, IAN has expanded their name to IAN SWEET, made the move to Brooklyn, and solidified around a lineup consisting of Medford, drummer Tim Cheney, and bassist Damien Scalise. Shapeshifter, the trio’s debut full-length, is a knotty and complicated work, and all of the band’s skill is exhibited on lead single “Slime Time Live.” It’s a nervy, twitchy four minutes that uses the Nickelodeon afterschool game show as a stand-in for how depression can sneak up on you at any moment. “Another five weeks ’til it kicks in/ Then I won’t feel like dyin’,” Medford muses in her raspy voice. “Meanwhile I’ll re-enact Slime Time Live/ No other contestants, just me gettin’ slimed,” as the group breaks down into a satisfyingly scratchy denouement. Listen below.

Shapeshifter is out 9/9 via Hardly Art. Pre-order it here.