case/lang/veirs – “Atomic Number” Video

case/lang/veirs — the all-star singer-songwriter group made up of Neko Case, k.d. lang, and Laura Veirs — recently released their first album together, and today they’ve shared a video for its lead single “Atomic Number.” The animated video tracks the journey of someone trying to find their chemical match. Director Kangmin Kim explains:

This animation is inspired by the search for a soul-mate with the same atomic number, 42. We are introduced to a world at which every element and character occupy a tiny space in an expansive land mass. The audience is essentially the third person in this colorful, bright world, and in contrast, we can take a contemplative view on the main character’s feelings of emptiness in his lonely journey of life.

Watch the video below.

case/lang/veirs is out now via Anti-.