clipping. – “Wriggle” Video

Earlier this month, mere days after frontman Daveed Diggs won a Tony for playing Thomas Jefferson in the beloved Broadway smash Hamilton, the experimental Los Angeles noise-rap trio clipping. returned with the new EP Wriggle. Today, they’ve given us a video for its title track, a berserk, hammering, industrial-tinged, Whitehouse-sampling deconstruction of Miami bass. For the video, director Rodney Ascher — who made Room 237, a documentary about people so obsessed with Kubrick’s The Shining that they’ve hatched conspiracy theories about it — has chopped up a psychedelic collage of gifs. We see some images of Diggs rapping, but there’s a whole lot more car-crashing and head-exploding. It gets gruesome! Watch it below.

The Wriggle EP is out now at Bandcamp.