Watch Sturgill Simpson & Stephen Colbert Hit The Waffle House

Earlier this year, upon learning that Waffle House restaurants include jukeboxes full of songs about Waffle House, Stephen Colbert invited the great country music rulebreaker Sturgill Simpson to help him write a song about the song. In an effort to get themselves featured on those jukeboxes, Simpson and Colbert sang their jokey song “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Knuckleheads” on Colbert’s Late Show. Then Waffle House actually did add the song to jukeboxes, so Colbert did the next logical thing. He invited Simpson to the Charleston, South Carolina Waffle House where he’d spent many evenings in his youth, and they had a red-carpet premiere for the song. In the Late Show video package that they made from the evening, Simpson and Colbert eat copious amounts of breakfast food, hang out with the deeply stoned late-night clientele, and impale a guy’s head on a waffle. Watch the video below.

This looks like it was fun to make. Simpson’s excellent new album A Sailor’s Guide To Earth is out now on Atlantic.