Watch Sturgill Simpson & Stephen Colbert Pitch A New Waffle House Jingle

Last week, the country-music iconoclast Sturgill Simpson released A Sailor’s Guide To Earth, an album full of big emotions and bigger ideas but no particular fidelity to anyone’s genre boundaries. It’s our current reigning Album Of The Week, and it’s a major statement of a record, the sort of thing only a true artist would put together. But it would seem that Simpson is not above having a little fun, either. Last night, Simpson was on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert. He performed the swamp-rocking album track “Brace For Impact (Live A Little)” with his touring band and a full horn section. But before that, he and Colbert also sat down to sing a goofy song about Waffle House, ostensibly with the idea that they want the song to appear on Waffle House jukeboxes. The song they sing is all about how Waffle House demands decent behavior from its customers, which means it does not admit, for instance, skeletons or zombies. Below, watch the two performances.

A Sailor’s Guide To Earth is out 4/15 on Atlantic.