Watch Slipknot Frontman Knock Phone Out Of Distracted Fan’s Hands

Masked Iowa metal stars Slipknot would like to make it clear that you’re not allowed to play Pokémon Go at their shows — at least, not if you’re in the front row. The band is currently on tour with Marilyn Manson, and frontman Corey Taylor is performing in a neck brace after undergoing surgery for a broken neck. (He also fell offstage during the second night of the tour.) And if he’s going to be going through all that, everyone in the crowd better pay attention. During a recent show, one fan in the front row was conspicuously playing with his phone when Taylor sauntered over, slapped the phone out of the guy’s hand, and then pointed at him. The band posted video of the slap on their Facebook, so they want to make sure everyone gets the message. Check it out below.

I really like the guy’s look of blank acceptance. If a rubber-masked nü-metal boogeyman ever knocks my communication device to the ground, I hope I show that same grace.