Peter Hook Announces Massive New Order Memoir

Peter Hook, the estranged former bassist of both New Order and Joy Division, has already written two memoirs: The Hacienda: How Not To Run A Club, about the famous Manchester nightclub, and Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, about his time in the tragic and vastly important postpunk band. And now Hook has announced a third book, Substance: Inside New Order, a massive 768-page tome that will cover his time in New Order.

Hook played in New Order from the group’s 1980 inception until he was fired from the band, under contentious circumstances, in 2007. Since then, he has maintained a long-running beef with the other members of the band, especially frontman Bernard Sumner. In recent years, Hook has sued New Order and trashed Sumner’s own memoir.

Here’s how the Amazon listing describes Substance:

Peter Hook has written a no-holds-barred, comprehensive account of the band’s entire history, packed with outrageous anecdotes and including every set list and tour itinerary and interspersed with ‘geek facts’ of every piece of electronic equipment used to forge the sound that changed the direction of popular music.

And Hook has also tweeted the cover of the book:

Substance: Inside New Order is out 10/6 via Simon & Schuster.