More Music-Related Stranger Things Content!: Deadmau5 Covers Theme Song, Mike Wheeler Covers Nirvana

The Netflix retro sci-fi show Stranger Things is, at least in my estimation, maybe the single greatest cultural artifact that the summer of 2016 has given us, and one of the best things about it is its music. On Friday, Netflix finally compiled Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein’s eerie ’80s-style synth score into the first of two soundtrack albums. And the dance-music star Deadmau5 apparently is a bigger fan of that score than most. As YourEDM points out, yesterday Deadmau5 spent a whole lot of time in his studio putting together an extended space-disco version of the Stranger Things theme music and broadcasting it live on Twitch. It ended up taking Deadmau5 three hours to figure out how to recreate the 51-second instrumental, and you can watch it for yourself. He gets it around the two-and-a-half hour mark, and you can watch it here.

Also Deadmau5 didn’t extend it into a 3hr version — it just took him 3 hrs in this livestream to figure out how to recreate the theme w/ analog synths … So someone please edit to clarify

We also reported recently that Joe Keery, who plays Steve on the show, plays in the Chicago psych-rock band Post Animal. But he isn’t the only member of the cast with musical ambitions. Finn Wolfhard, the excellently named and adorable 13-year-old actor who plays Mike Wheeler on the show, recently tweeted a video of himself doing his best to play Nirvana’s “Lithium” on guitar. Observe:

He’s also said that he’ll do a full-length version of “About A Girl” soon:

Let’s all just assume that he’s thinking about Eleven while he plays it.