Steven Tyler’s ‘Shocker’ Hand Gesture Edited Out Of Disney Attraction After 17 Years

There is a roller coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park called the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster. I’ve never been to Orlando, but according to our very own Chris DeVille, it’s an excellent ride. Here’s what he had to say:

It is a good rollercoaster by Disney standards.
They shoot you off at high speed right away rather than doing the climb and drop.

During the ride’s pre-show, guests are treated to a video clip that features Aerosmith hanging out in a studio, during which Steven Tyler throws up “the shocker.” Or at least, he did for 17 years, but now it appears that Disney has extracted the crude hand gesture and replaced it with a flat, boring, open-palm, according to Inside The Magic. Maybe the good folks (ha ha) at Disney finally realized that no sensible person on god’s green earth wants to envision Tyler sticking his fingers in anyone’s private orifices?!?!?! Or…

Whatever the motivation, this is a still from the original video:


… and here’s the updated clip:

Both versions are gross, IMHO.