Ceiling Collapses At Steve Aoki Concert

How is it possible for so much calamity to follow one man? The EDM DJ Steve Aoki is famous for presiding over wild parties, but they seem to routinely get so wild that they become dangerous. Recently, Aoki apologized to one fan for breaking her neck after throwing an inflatable life raft into a crowd and then jumping into it from a great height. (He settled the lawsuit out of court.) And another fan sued Aoki because he was injured after slipping in cake that Aoki had thrown into the crowd. Now the BBC reports that 15 people were injured at an Aoki show in Oslo over the weekend after the ceiling collapsed. 1,800 people were at the show, which had to be evacuated. Here’s what Aoki said about the incident on Twitter:

Nobody was seriously injured, and I can’t really imagine any situation in which this would be Aoki’s fault, but still. If you’re going to a Steve Aoki show, maybe wear a helmet?

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