Touché Amoré – “Skyscraper” (Feat. Julien Baker) Video

Next month, the great Los Angeles post-hardcore band Touché Amoré will release Stage Four, an album that frontman Jeremy Bolm wrote about watching his mother die of cancer. The album ends with the crushing “Skyscraper,” a collaboration with the great singer-songwriter Julien Baker, and it’s about the time Bolm took his mother to New York, a city she’d always wanted to see. A few months before she died, Bolm and his brother pushed her around Manhattan in a wheelchair. And in the new video for “Skyscraper,” a stoic Bolm pushes an empty wheelchair through the streets of the city. The symbolism is just devastating. Most of the video is in stark black-and-white, but it switches to color for Times Square at night. And, given all that context, if you can make it through this video without shedding a tear, you are stronger than me. Watch it below, via Noisey.

Stage Four is out 9/16 via Epitaph.