Kanye’s Saint Pablo Tour Rider Has His And Hers Alcoholic Slushie Machines

Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour is underway now, and it’s reportedly pretty amazing. The entire show consists of Kanye, on his own, floating over an arena floor on a mobile stage, while fans mosh below him. That sounds pretty nerve-wracking, and I’d have to imagine that you’d need a few drinks before stepping out on that thing. Luckily, West has made plans with exactly this in mind. His tour rider reportedly calls for two different alcoholic slushie machines backstage. All of a sudden, I’m pissed off that my home has no alcoholic slushie machines in it.

TMZ reports that West is asking for one machine that dispenses frozen Hennessy and Coke, as well as another that gives out frozen Grey Goose and lemonade. The Grey Goose machine is reportedly for Kim Kardashian, West’s wife. Maybe she has to have a few drinks before watching him step out on that thing. Or maybe it’s just more of a “drinking is fun” situation.