Watch The Killers Cover Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ In The Wind” At The 2016 Lake Tahoe Summit

The Lake Tahoe Summit is a big annual affair, with lawmakers from around the country meeting to discuss environmental issues. This year’s just-wrapped edition featured President Obama discussing his own environmental legacy. It also featured a performance from the Killers, probably Nevada’s all-time greatest rock export. Harry Reid, the veteran and soon-to-retire Nevada senator, hosted the Killers’ show last Wednesday. During their set, the Killers played all the hits you’d expect, and they also did the state-pride song “Home Means Nevada” and a cover of Bob Dylan’s folk touchstone “Blowin’ In The Wind.” They didn’t do anything situationally appropriate, like changing the song so that it would be about wind turbines. Maybe that was implied. They did, however, change it into a rock song with a big-ass guitar solo. It sounded pretty weird! Watch a fan-made video below.

The reason you can’t see Brandon Flowers onstage is, of course, the giant onstage K that’s up there for no reason. Killers stage designers, please rethink what you’re doing.