Travis Scott’s Latest Merch Is A Generic Stuffed Animal Marked Up 385%

Travis Scott’s Latest Merch Is A Generic Stuffed Animal Marked Up 385%

Right now, the moody party-rapper Travis Scott has the #1 album in America with his new LP Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight. It’s a pretty good album! But we should also credit Scott with having the #1 most ridiculous merch item for sale in America.

Last week, Scott unveiled a new line of merch that includes T-shirts, hoodies, and hats, alongside things like coffee cups, Zippo lighters, boxer shorts, flashlights, and a $5 condom that says “let’s get it” on the wrapper. Many of these are just regular items with Cafepress-style printed images. But one of the things Scott is selling is a stuffed bird that happens to be the exact same one that’s available from a website called Travis Scott is charging $50 for the bird. lists it at $12.99. It did not take fans long to figure it out.

This isn’t even a situation like the $195 Justin Bieber shirt that was really a $17 Marilyn Manson shirt. That, at least, had something new printed on the back. It was re-manufactured. It wasn’t the exact same thing. This is more like sitting down to order a $20 burger and then learning that the restaurant’s chef has just run down the street and bought it at McDonald’s. You are literally paying an extra $37 for the privilege of buying the bird from Travis Scott. His site didn’t even take a new picture of the bird!

I like how Travis Scott’s bird will take 8 to 10 weeks. I guess it takes time to order it from another website and then to ship it out again.

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