Justin Bieber’s New Tour Merch Is A Marilyn Manson T-Shirt

Justin Bieber has lately taken to dressing like a ’90s teenage dirtbag, especially on tour, and hopefully we can all agree that this is just an awesome development. He’s also been selling some crazily expensive tour merch, much of it designed by the fashion label Fear Of God. His latest piece of apparel, now available at Barneys, is a reconfigured Marilyn Manson t-shirt being sold as the “Bigger Than Satan Bieber” cotton sleeveless t-shirt. The tee (which Biebs wore onstage at MSG last night) is literally just a straight-up Marilyn Manson shirt, except that it says “Bigger Than Satan Bieber” across the back. It’s selling for $195. You can buy it here, if you’re interested. Meanwhile, a nearly-identical Marilyn Manson shirt is retailing at Hot Topic for $16.72; broke Bieber stans (or Marilyn Manson fans, or ’90s teenage dirtbags) can buy that one here.

Night out in la with the boys

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