Someone Tried To Climb Onto Kanye’s Floating Stage Last Night

Kanye West’s currently-underway Saint Pablo tour, which looks amazing, is built around an innovative bit of stagecraft. At these shows, West performs the entire show on a stage that floats above the audience, suspended by the ceiling by cables, drifting randomly from one edge of the floor to the next. Underneath him, fans can run around and chase the stage or even mosh directly underneath it. It looks like fun! But the setup can also lead some people to do some dumb things, and that’s what happened last night in Atlanta.

As Complex reports, West was midway through performing “Power” at Phillips Arena last night when one fan somehow jumped up and dangled from the edge of the stage. Nobody seems to know how he even got up there. Did he climb up on somebody’s shoulders? Does he have some superheroic vertical leap? Whatever the case, West waved him off and he dropped back into the audience. There is video.

So yeah, don’t do that.

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