Jeff Tweedy Reveals Future Wilco Album Titles 50 Shades Of Wilco, Big Wilco Style, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 3, & Many More

Wilco will be the musical guests on tonight’s episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and to promote their performance, frontman Jeff Tweedy has appeared in a web exclusive for the show in which he jokingly responds to critics of the band’s recent album titles. “Just because we’ve had albums called Schmilco and Star Wars and Wilco (The Album) doesn’t mean we don’t make an effort,” as Tweedy says. He goes on to reveal some upcoming album titles, which include gems such as Songs Or Whatever, Meet The Beatles By Wilco, and Empty Coke Can, which will be a concept album about an empty Coke can and Jeff Tweedy’s hand. Find the full list of Tweedy’s potential album titles below:

Album Name Tk
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2
Untitled Wilco Project
Do We Really Have To Name Another Album? We Do? Fine Then.
Wilco Fat Cat 3-Pack
Wilco! Wilco! Wilco!
You’re Just Going To Stream This
Romeo And Juliet And Wilco
The Wilcolennium
Christmas I Guess
Sweet Creams And Cakes
Clam Time With The Band Wilco
Happy Bar Mitzvah Seth!
Sgt. Wilco
The Plot Of Pirates Of The Caribbean
Walmart: The Album
I Was A Teenage Wilco
Stairway To Heaven, But Wilco
50 Shades Of Wilco
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 3
Ding Dong! It’s Wilco

“So next time someone tells you we don’t put a lot of work into things,” Tweedy concludes, “just tell them…I don’t know. Something. You make it up.” Watch below.