Jeff Tweedy Writes Woodworking Songs With Nick Offerman

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy is longtime buds with Nick Offerman, the former Ron Swanson of Parks And Recreation fame. Tweedy and Offerman are both products of Chicago’s arts community, Tweedy appeared a few times on Parks And Rec, Offerman directed Tweedy’s video for “Low Key,” and Offerman recently wrote a love letter to Tweedy. And now they’ve written some songs together.

Offerman recently published Good Clean Fun, a book all about his love of woodworking, and he just put out an audiobook version of it. As Entertainment Weekly reports, that audiobook is now on sale, and it includes five woodworking-centric tunes that Offerman and Tweedy wrote and performed together: “Music to Sand By,” “American White Oak,” “Raising the Grain,” “The Lazy Carpenter,” and the title track, “Good Clean Fun.” That audiobook is on sale now, and you can get it at Amazon.