Watch Jeff Tweedy On Parks And Recreation

Following his recent Portlandia appearance, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy made his long-awaited debut on Parks And Recreation last night as the reluctant former frontman of Land Ho, a popular Pawnee band who suffered an ugly breakup. The plot of the episode is centered around the search for a headliner for the Pawnee-Eagleton Unity Concert and Land Ho is on the list of dream acts right after the Beatles, Bob Dylan’s friends, and Led Zeppelin. The episode also featured an appearance by comedian Bo Burnham as dickish country heartthrob Chipp McCapp, best known for his song “Beautiful Like My Mom (Support The Troops)”. Tweedy is expected to appear in the finale as well, alongside Yo La Tengo, the Decemberists, and Ginuwine. Watch Tweedy harmonize with Chris Pratt in the episode below.

The Parks And Recreation finale airs 4/24.