Tom DeLonge Comments On Leaked Emails With Clinton Campaign Chairman

Earlier this month, we found out that longtime UFO conspiracy theorist Tom DeLonge had been in touch with Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta about his well-documented theories via some newly Wikileaked emails from last year. Now, DeLonge has commented on the emails in an Instagram post, saying that “Wikileaks really messed some important stuff up” but that “big things are coming”:

I am still here. Wikileaks really messed some important stuff up. What seems like ridiculous subject matter to most, is of massive importance to admirable National Security Leadership. It’s easy to poke fun about the topic from an armchair, but unless you’re invited to the meetings I have been a part of, then…no more laughing. Big things are coming. Project is still on, believe it or not, things just got bigger.