Maybe Justin Bieber’s Purpose Is To Keep Telling British Fans To Shut Up

Justin Bieber appears to have a new thing, and that new thing is: Getting really upset when his fans scream at his shows. Bieber is touring the UK right now, and at three consecutive shows, he’s begged his fans to stop screaming during the part of the show where he makes his big, sincere speech to the audience. Last night in Manchester, the BBC reports that he got so mad that he actually dropped his mic and stormed offstage. Returning a few minutes later, he said, “I’m not quite sure why you guys came tonight. I hope it was to enjoy my company as well as letting me enjoy your company. But I want to connect with you. The point of the no screaming thing is that when I’m looking at you in the eyes you know that we’re actually having a moment and having a connection.” The crowd responded to all of this in the exact right way: By continuing to scream and also booing. So Bieber decided to just stop talking and sing — something he should’ve done a whole lot earlier — because “Manchester just can’t handle me.” Watch some fan-made videos below.

I shouldn’t even need to write this, but when you are a pop star, your job is to make sure your fans are having a good time at your show. It’s not to make it about you, and it’s definitely not to dictate your crowd’s response. But increasingly, Bieber seems to be going through the motions of pop stardom, and it seems more and more clear that his heart’s not in it.