Stream Nacho Picasso & Harry Fraud’s AntiHero Vol. 1

Seattle-based rapper Nacho Picasso has finally fully embraced his comic book villain sensibilities with the help of Harry Fraud. Picasso has always rapped about some demented, nerdy, gutter shit over menacing, lo-fi beats, but he’s gone full evil on AntiHero Vol. 1, his follow up to last year’s Blunt Raps 2. It’s even darker than his collab with Blue Sky Black, Stoned and Dethroned.

You can probably count the redemptive bars on this whole album on one hand. Even at his most open and confessional on “Grunge” where he lets his “soul bleed,” he spends the first half of the first verse kicking dirtbag rhymes about women before he gets into his personal reverie. So imagine how grimy it gets when he’s actually trying to gross you out. But like the best bad guys, Picasso is brilliant in his villainy. Fraud gives him plenty of negative space to wallow in and pull you down into the depths of human garbage with him. It’s repulsive in the best way. Check it out.

AntiHero Vol. 1 is out now.