Kevin Abstract – “Yellow” & “Miserable America”

A few months back, Kevin Abstract — the project of Brockhampton leader and LA-via-Texas musician Ian Simpson — released “Empty,” a great song with an equally memorable music video as a precursor to his new album, American Boyfriend. Earlier this week, he announced that the album would be released on 11/18 and shared a tracklist (below), and over the past few days he’s shared two songs from it that show off his versatility and range as a songwriter.

“Yellow” is breezy and warm, and the scratchy guitars and open-air production hint at the handiwork of Michael Uzowuru, who helped out on Frank Ocean’s Blonde and executive produced American Boyfriend; “Miserable America” is more expansive and lush as Simpson tries to distance himself from the very-real anxieties that come with being queer in this country (“My boyfriend saved me, my mother’s homophobic/ I’m stuck in the closet, I’m so claustrophobic,” he opens) with a resounding chorus of “I don’t care anymore.” Both tracks are great, and you can listen to them below.

01 “Empty”
02 “Seventeen”
03 “Blink”
04 “Friendship”
05 “Tattoo.”
06 “Yellow”
07 “Suburban Born”
08 “Kin”
09 “Runner”
10 “Flintridge”
11 “Papercut”
12 “June 29th”
13 “Miserable America”
14 “American Boyfriend”
15 “Echo”
16 “I Do (End Credits)”

American Boyfriend is out 11/18 via Brockhampton/EMPIRE.