Marilyn Manson – “Say10″ Video

Marilyn Manson made it in just under the political-satire wire! The shock-rock star has already claimed that he isn’t voting in this election, but he’s letting his, um, political voice be heard in other ways. Specifically, he’s releasing a video that features a decapitated Donald Trump on election day! Manson has lately been working on a new album with the oh-so-clever title Say10. (Get it? You get it.) He’s just released a minute-long video for its title track. In the clip, Manson clutches a bloody dagger and rips the pages out of a Bible, which do not exactly constitute shocking things coming from this guy. And the camera also lingers lovingly on the body of someone who looks like the man who would be President. Tyler Shields directed the video. Check it out below, via the Daily Beast.

If we’re to believe Manson, Say10 is out 2/14/17.