Burial – “Young Death” & “Nightmarket”

A mew Burial 12″ on Hyperdub called “Young Death” was supposed to be surprise-released 11/30 at midnight, but several copies were accidentally sold yesterday at Toronto’s Sonic Boom Records, Pitchfork reports.

Blaire Whatmore, a record buyer at the store, says that the mix-up was because of Record Store Day Black Friday. The box the records came in said “‘artist/title,'” he explains. “We assumed it was a Black Friday secret listing. It wasn’t really clear to us that we weren’t supposed to be selling it.” But apparently, they weren’t, and this morning, Whatmore received a call from a Hyperdub employee who “was not happy” about the misunderstanding.

According to Discogs, the 12″ contains two new tracks, “Young Death” and “Nightmarket.”

UPDATE: You can stream it below.

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