Daft Punk Are Selling New Christmas Ornaments, Snow Globes, & Candles

Do robots know when it’s Christmastime? Apparently so! This year, we are seeing a trend of many, many artists selling their own Christmas merch — usually ass-ugly Christmas sweaters, usually based on some kind of terrible pun. And now Daft Punk — no strangers to goofy-ass merch — are getting in on the action. The duo already had one set of Christmas tree ornaments. But now they’ve introduced a whole new line of holiday-flavored merch — though, thankfully, that merch does not include another Christmas sweater.

Daft Punk’s new merch includes another set of ornaments, as well as snow globes featuring the duo’s helmeted likenesses and artisan candles. All of them are more expensive than they probably should be. And as with the new Weeknd-video portrait that the duo are selling, they’ve made some pretty amazing ’70s-esque magazine ads for all the new products. Observe:

You can buy all this at the duo’s website.

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