Watch J Mascis Win On @Midnight

J Mascis, the taciturn guitar hero at the center of Dinosaur Jr., is notoriously one of the worst interviews in indie rock. It’s a herculean task to get him to say anything at all. So perhaps it will surprise you to learn that Mascis, in the right circumstances, is a funny motherfucker. Last night, he took part in Chris Hardwick’s late-night Comedy Central game show @Midnight, on which comedians compete to see who can get in the best zingers on a variety of topics. And taking on actual professional full-time comics Dave Hill and Steve Agee, Mascis joined Neko Case on the list of musicians who have defeated comedians at their own game. Watch some clips below, including a moment where Mascis makes a Kanye-related pun and another where he advises you to use your children as flotation devices.

Meanwhile, you can watch the full episode here.