Donald Trump Gets America’s Got Talent Runner-Up For Inauguration Performance

Hey, President-Elect Donald Trump finally found a singer who’s willing to perform at his shitty fucking inauguration! And, despite what some of us might have feared, it’s not Kanye West! Instead, Trump is bringing out some serious fucking starpower: Jackie Evancho, the 16-year-old classical singer who finished in second place on the 2010 season of America’s Got Talent. Feel the electricity!

According to TMZ, Evancho, who has performed for President Obama twice, will sing the National Anthem at Trump’s inauguration. She may also sing a song with the Italian adult-contempo opera star Andrea Bocelli, who will sing one song or maybe two.

So that has to be the end of the whole story about no major artists being willing to sing at Trump’s inauguration, right? You don’t get much more major than Jackie goddam Evancho.

According to a recent report, Trump’s team offered multiple talent bookers ambassadorships or positions inside the administration if they managed to wrangle A-list talent for the inauguration, though of course Trump’s camp is denying that such an offer ever took place. Garth Brooks, who was floated as a possibility to perform, will apparently sit this one out.