Garth Brooks In Talks To Play Trump Inauguration, No Other Major Artists Willing

Garth Brooks is reportedly in talks to perform at the Trump inauguration, according to a new report from Reuters. “Garth has performed at five presidential inaugurations,” his publicist, Nancy Seltzer, told the news service, adding somewhat confusingly: “While rumor has it that he has been asked to perform for President-elect Trump, he has not been able to commit yet.” When TMZ cornered Brooks on camera earlier this week, he gave the response: “It’s always about serving. It’s what you do.”

Rumors have been mounting over the last few days from Variety and The New York Post that Trump has, unsurprisingly, had a difficult time finding A-list talent to perform at the inauguration. Most of the entertainment industry vocally sided with Hillary Clinton during the election, and those that stayed silent don’t seem eager to tie their name to the new administration at this point.

A source told the Post that the transition team was hoping for talent on the level of “Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars,” but so far they’ve had talks with Brooks and fellow country artist Lee Greenwood.

A member of the Trump team said that Elton John was going to perform at the inauguration, but John denied it.

Motley Crue’s Vince Neil thought he was playing the inauguration, but he isn’t.

Other celebrities that backed Trump during the campaign include Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and Jon Voight.