Metallica Carpool Karaoke … But A Supermarket Instead Of A Car

Metallica surprised the shit out of an unsuspecting butcher yesterday at a Gelson’s supermarket in Hollywood. The legendary metal quartet approached the deli counter blasting “Enter Sandman” and the Gelson’s employee didn’t hesitate to take lead vocals away from James Hetfield. Billy Eichner of Billy On The Street was there along with plenty of cameras, so it could possibly be a Carpool Karaoke-like segment for Eichner’s show. Though it’s unclear if this footage will actually end up anywhere, it’s pretty cool. Below, check out video via TMZ and nearby shoppers.

When Metallica goes grocery shopping.. ..what a day to be alive #metallica

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Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme steak, gimme lobster.

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