Stream Aphex Twin’s Mysterious New Day For Night 12″

This past weekend, Aphex Twin played his first US show in eight years at Houston’s Day For Night festival. And while he was there, he sold 500 copies of a mysterious and unlabeled new record, one that seems to feature two entirely new tracks. Fortunately, as this Reddit threat points out, some generous soul bought the record and uploaded vinyl rips of both of those tracks. The A-side is a spartan, rhythmic 11-minute track with a buzzing, staticy bass tone; it eventually morphs into something resembling classic Detroit techno. The B-side, meanwhile, starts out as a tense, tricky stutter before gradually developing into an intense banger; it spans about 10 minutes. Listen to both tracks below.

So: 20 minutes of new Aphex Twin music that he will probably never release in any other form. Happy Monday.