Sorority Noise – “No Halo”

Sorority Noise – “No Halo”

“No Halo” finds Cameron Boucher at the brink of a breakdown. “Just last week I slept eight hours total,” the Sorority Noise singer begins against a moody but uptempo guitar churn, later confiding, “I’m placing bets against myself and honestly I am a mess.” The band’s newly announced album You’re Not As _____ As You Think is heavily informed by the deaths of several close friends, many of whom succumbed to suicidal urges Boucher himself has battled. So when the song explodes into one of those shout-along choruses Sorority Noise specialize in, the imagery is stirring: “I didn’t show up to your funeral, but I showed up to your house/ I didn’t move a muscle, I was quiet as a mouse/ And I swore I saw you in there, but I was looking at myself.” Listen below.

You’re Not As _____ As You Think is out 3/17 on Triple Crown. Pre-order it here.

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