Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo Talks Smash Mouth Plans

The beautiful modern love story of Smash Mouth and Car Seat Headrest continues! Way back in August, Smash Mouth took to Twitter to extoll the virtues of “Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales,” and last week, both parties seemed pretty interested in the idea of covering each other’s songs for a sure-to-be-incredible collaborative split EP. CSH mastermind Will Toledo is currently in Australia for the Laneway Festival, and he just sat down with Aussie radio station Triple J to discuss his bright future with Smash Mouth.

The idea of an actual collaboration with Smash Mouth “kind of remains a mysterious front,” Toledo says, “but we’re hoping that something will happen with that in the future. Really, we don’t know what right now, but if nothing else, we’ll probably cover a few of their songs. I grew up obviously knowing their hits, and I have been listening a lot to Astro Lounge, and I still think it’s a great record. The songs really hold up as pop songs… Right now, my plan is just to cover a couple things, but we really haven’t gotten into discussion as to what exactly it’s going to be.”

And what is Will Toledo’s favorite Smash Mouth song, you ask? “I guess ‘All Star’ would have to be the choice. It’s just, it’s always there.” Hear the whole interview below.