The Courtneys – “Minnesota”

The Courtneys – “Minnesota”

“Minnesota,” the latest scuzzy rocker from Vancouver trio the Courtneys, opens with uneasy palm muting and worry over the state of a relationship, but eventually settles into a soaring jog. It follows in the footsteps of previous album singles “Silver Velvet” and “Tour” — bouncy, open-hearted garage-pop with a solemn spirit lurking beneath its frizzy skip. “If you go away, I hope that you will know/ That I’ll miss you so,” sings lead vocalist Jen Twynn Payn. She’s addressing the shadow of a figure who disappeared long ago and finding closure in the clarity of her own longing at the same time. Payn describes those emotions as they come, instead of choosing to “pretend it’s not hard to let you go.” Listen below.

The Courtneys II is out 2/17 on Flying Nun.

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