Arca – “Piel”

Arca hasn’t exactly been silent since the release of his 2015 full-length, Mutant — he put out an outtake mixtape Entrañas in the middle of last year — but it’s always good to hear from the producer, and it’s especially good when he has a new album in tow. He’s releasing a new self-titled album on 4/7, his first for XL, and has shared an ecclesiastical new track from it, “Piel,” the first to feature his singing voice. Here’s what Arca had to say about the album in a press release:

Here’s my voice and all my guts: feel free to judge it. It’s like a bullfight: you’re watching emotional violence for pleasure. So this is a character who, almost as a mockery of the transaction, goes uncomfortably deep, into self-mutilation. ‘You want gore? Here’s gore.’

Listen to “Piel” and check out the album details below.

01 “Piel”
02 “Anoche”
03 “Saunter”
04 “Urchin”
05 “Reverie”
06 “Castration”
07 “Sin Rumbo”
08 “Coraje”
09 “Whip”
10 “Desafío”
11 “Fugaces”
12 “Miel”
13 “Child”

CREDIT: Daniel Shea

Arca is out 4/7 via XL.

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