The Drums – “Blood Under My Belt”

The Drums’ last album Encyclopedia was a venture into more psychedelic territory from a band that had established an unwavering commitment to surfy dream-pop. The textural shift made for songs that, while less immediate, held a bit more weight in their construction. But “Blood Under My Belt” swings back to the band’s halcyon-sounding days, recalling the likes of the Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing via its rippling bounce and rotational hooks. It’s the lead single from the group’s upcoming fourth studio LP Abysmal Thoughts, their first release for new label Anti. Vocalist Jonathan Pierce — who wrote and recorded every song on the new album — sings of his resilient commitment to a love he misused, but wants to prove he’s now capable of handling. “Yes it’s true, that I hurt you/ But I still love you, love you, I still do,” Pierce pleads, finding conviction within the wreckage of a broken heart. Listen and check out the album’s tracklist below.


01 “Mirror”
02 “I’ll Fight For Your Life”
03 “Blood Under My Belt”
04 “Heart Basel”
05 “Shoot The Sun Down”
06 “Head Of The Horse”
07 “Under The Ice”
08 “Are U Fucked”
09 “Your Tenderness”
10 “Rich Kids”
11 “If All We Share (Means Nothing)”
12 “Abysmal Thoughts”

Abysmal Thoughts is out 6/16 via Anti. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Moni Haworth
Tags: The Drums