DMX, Eve, The Lox, Swizz Beatz, Drag-On Launching Ruff Ryders Reunion Tour In Brooklyn

Package tours fueled by ’90s nostalgia have been a growing industry for years, and their reach extends deep into the hip-hop and R&B market. Arguably that realm’s biggest operation yet was last year’s Bad Boy reunion tour, which put many of the rulers of late-’90s rap radio on the same stage night after night. One of Puff Daddy’s guests on that tour was DMX — never mind that X’s angry, aggressive music signified the aesthetic opposite of Bad Boy’s feel-good luxury rap. Anyway, Earl Simmons must have gotten some ideas after participating in the Bad Boy tour because as OkayPlayer reports, he’s bringing his own Ruff Ryders crew on the road, starting with a gig at Barclays Center in Brooklyn this April.

Actually, the Barclays gig on 4/21 is the only one scheduled so far, but its promotional material suggests that the lineup of DMX, Swizz Beats, Eve, the Lox, and Drag-On will be taking their show on the road. And why not? According to the 20-year nostalgia cycle, now is the Ruff Ryders’ time to shine. Plus DMX allegedly has a new album on the way. With any luck, he and his associates will be stopping, dropping, shutting ‘em down and opening up shop at an arena near you very soon.